Photos: Black is the New Orange

Written by: Ed Felker, Dispatches from the Potomac

Winslow sees himself as just another part of Team Orange, despite his size.
Photos by Ed Felker

I’m not a Small Dog Person. I like sporting dogs, and for the past many years my companions have been Finn and Winnie, two Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas collectively known as Team Orange. They don’t like to hunt, but we do lots of outdoorsy stuff together. They love to hike, wade around the river, fish and kayak.

Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon at the local brewery?

Because of my fondness for this breed, I have known Zsófia Miczek of Zoldmali Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel in Hungary for many years. She produces the finest examples of the breed in the entire world, in my opinion. She also breeds miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds. So for years, every time a new litter arrived, I have been tortured with pictures of these impossibly cute little creatures. Chipping away, little by little, at my resolve. “You know I’m going to have one some day,” I often told Zsofi.

Guess who thinks he’s in charge?

Well, with both members of Team Orange getting up there at age eight, and Zsofi making a trip to America just as these pups turned eight weeks old, that day arrived a few weeks ago.

His name is Winslow, named for the great American painter Winslow Homer. He is smart, hilarious, sweet, and curious. He’s mellow and happy and more adorable in person than my lens can capture on my best day. And, as I have read about the breed, he does not know he’s small. He has hiked a steep section of the Appalachian Trail; he has kayaked in the Potomac River; and he’s already been to more breweries with me than my wife has.

No camera can adequately capture Winslow’s inherent cuteness.

He’s not orange. But he’s already a big part of the Team, and he’s a perfect fit.

 Ed Felker is an artist, graphic designer, writer, and outdoorsman who lives in Virginia. He writes the Dispatches from the Potomac blog, which is worth checking out, if you like the outdoors, dogs, and fly fishing. Last August, we published his account of how he realized that his dog Finn should be a therapy dog and how he made that happen.

Winslow has already shown an affinity for hiking. . .

. . .and for getting out on the water in the kayak.

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  2. Larry McKay

    What a wonderful read Ed!
    Seems your writing skills just keep increasing by leaps and bounds!
    Keep up the good work my friend.

    – Larry –


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