Photos Capture Touching Final Farewells with Dogs

“Joy Session” photo shoots allow owners to have beautiful memories of their beloved pets.
Photo by Sara Beth Photography

An article on Mail Online highlights the work of Minneapolis photographer Sarah Earnhart, who has create a unique service for her dog-owning clients. What she calls “Joy Sessions” are photo shoots that owners can have done just before they say goodbye to their beloved pets:

‘It can definitely be very emotional,’ Mrs Ernhart said. ‘It’s a very sensitive time for these people who have been with these animals for their entire lives. I definitely have cried with some of the owners.
‘The sessions can be happy at the same time because the owners get to talk about their favorite little quirks and things that they like about their pets. I get this inside view of what these people’s lives are like. It’s a pretty powerful.’

She has since built a directory of photographers around the world who can provide this service.

In the Mail Online article, Earnhart tells the moving story of how she came up with the idea, and there is a large collection of images that are sure to touch your heart.

Click here for the full story and to see the photographs.

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  1. Four years ago this June, we said goodbye to our Black Lab Molly. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I wish I had known about this service. I miss her…………….

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