Photos: Disabled Dog Becomes Quite a Traveler

Mel’s wheelchair allows him to go pretty much anywhere he wants to.
Photo by Thomas Dilworth via

It was a couple weeks after they brought him home that Mel’s family, the Dilworths, noticed that his balance was little off. And when the eight-year-old Pit Bull was diagnosed with a neurological disease, the family got him set up with a wheelchair. Now Mel can, and does, go anywhere the family goes–including traveling all over the country. Mel’s dad, Tom Dilworth, is a photographer who documents their adventures on Mel’s own fun Instagram account:

“If he knows he’s different, he does not let it show. He still thinks he can walk and often gets up and tries,” Dilworth said. “Once he is in his wheels, watch out or he will roll over your feet!”

Click here for the full story and lots of great photos.

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