Photos: High-Fashion Dog is the Newest Menswear Supermodel

This layered look is perfect for a hike in the hills or a walk through the city.
Photo photo photo via Menswear Dog

Are you fashion-handicapped man, having difficulty putting together an attractive ensemble that will let you look your best? Then let Menswear Dog help! Bodhi the dog is here to help. In a new new Tumblr launched by a New York graphic designer and his fashion-designer girlfriend, the three-and-a-half-year-old shiba inu models outfits that range from casual outdoor to business attire. Bodhi is certainly as handsome as anything you’ll see in GQ, but without the attitude. Check out all his photos at Menswear Dog.

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This vintage blazer is paired with brightly colored shirt and tie for an updated look.
Photo via Menswear Dog

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