Photos: Lunchtime “Stay” Training at Orvis

Orvis CEO Perk Perkins carries Feather back to her starting point after she had broken from “stay.”
Photos by Phil Monahan

At lunchtime, the lawn in front of our offices is usually full of dogs frolicking. Today, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins was out there working with his 13-week-old English Pointer, Feather, and I caught this cool series of the pair working on the “stay” command. Feather is a very sweet puppy who just loves people, and there were perhaps 20 of us having lunch just 20 feet from where the training was going on, which makes her performance all the more impressive.

He sets her down again, talking calmly to her.

He repeats the “stay” command.

He accompanies the word with the “stay” hand signal.

And then he walks away.


After training, Feather plays with her pal, Brix, an English Setter.

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