Video: Man Takes His Terminally-Ill Pup on a Road Trip

When Marine veteran Rob Kugler found out that his beloved Chocolate Lab, Bella, had terminal cancer, he was determined that her last be days be full of amazing experiences. He adopted Bella nine years ago, and he believes he has a lot to repay her for. So they left their home in Nebraska to go to Chicago, for the Marine Ball, and have been on the road ever since. . .

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Photo by Rob Kugler, via Instagram

One thought on “Video: Man Takes His Terminally-Ill Pup on a Road Trip”

  1. That is so sweet but also very sad, you get so close to your furbaby and when it’s time it must be horrible.i hope that Bella will have the time of her life with her father! Mr Kugler I will pray for a Great journey for both of you! ❤️ God Bless you both

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