Photos of the Day: An Update on Miley, the Trash-Heap Dog

When Eldad found Miley on her trash heap, she could barely move.
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

Last month, we featured a moving video from Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws, featuring a dog who lived on top of a trash pile. Miley was in terrible shape, suffering from mange and neglect. While watching Eldad’s rescue videos is always uplifting, it’s an even better feeling to revisit these dogs and to see how they have recovered. Miley’s transformation is simply stunning, as she has gone from something monstrous to an absolutely gorgeous animal. On the Hope for Paws Facebook page, Eldad wrote, “Two months ago, Miley was still sleeping on a pile of trash. In just a few days she should get the medical clearance to be spayed (we couldn’t do it until now because of her infections), and once she recovers from the surgery, her forever home will be picked.” Bravo!

At the veterinarian’s office, the extent of her injuries was a real shock.
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

Look at her now, happy, healthy, and incredibly beautiful!
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

Eldad and Miley pose together for a photo he has captioned, “I love this dog!”
Photo courtesy Hope for Paws

14 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: An Update on Miley, the Trash-Heap Dog”

  1. I don’t suppose it is possible to get on the list of want to be forever home for Miley? If so, I would like to be.

  2. Thank you so much for caring and doing something! It is a shame that Miley suffered for so long. Thankfully people took action finally and a very special person took the time and made the effort to go and get Miley and have her taken care of and given love. Thank you so much for that. We all should learn from this to go that extra step, that extra mile if need be to help with someone, some animal, whatever.

  3. I am so happy to see Miley’s ongoing recovery! Beautiful hearts all around- those of the rescued and those of the rescuers. Much, much love to both!

  4. Fantastic story with a happy ending. I am envious of the person who will become the forever owner of gorgeous Miley! Congratulations on your marvellous work!

  5. What a wonderful and caring man……sure wish I could adopt Miley, lots of room in our hearts and our lives. We weren’t able to have our own children so our dogs are our children. Seriously I want Miley and would do just about anything to get him.

  6. Seeing Miley’s transformation from hopeless to beautiful and happy brought tears to my eyes. It is so wonderful that your organization was able to not only save her, but give her love and care that she so desperately needed. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!!! We just adopted a beautiful 11 lb. Yorkie named Carson, and he has brought so much joy into our home!!!

  7. My wife showed me Miley’s video and I have shown it to everyone I can; the people that took care of Miley have renewed by hope in humanity once again. I want to thank you from my heart and mind for ever on your love and courage and compassion in making Miley’s life better!!!! Xxxxxoooooo

  8. What a transformation of Miley. I believe now we still have compassion in this world….Especially when I see this. Thank God for people that help these animals. Bless you and everyone who helps these defenseless animals.

  9. What a horrible thing to do to a animal. I have 4 cats and I had 3 huskies which all died, one at 5 to lymphoma, and I just lost my oldest during a seizure. She was 14 1/2 yrs old. The love of my life since my husband died. I am now down to just kitties. When I first seen her in the video when you rescued her I said she is beautiful even with the mange. Then to see all better I realized why I was drawn to her, she is a husky. Zappa the 5 yr old that passed was white also. Bless this pup and may she find the most beautiful home full of treats and toys and snuggles in bed. Peace

  10. Thank You! Thank You! for saving this dog and giving back her beautiful nature! I wish I could help. Where are you folks at? I’d love to be apart of saving animals lives. Zachary Alexander. E-mail at

  11. I’m thrilled to report that Miley found a forever home! Just go on YouTube and type in Miley the dog. I’m wondering if there are other pets in the home. I didn’t see any in the video I watched. Miley seems to love other dogs!

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