Photos: One Abandoned Dog’s Incredible Transformation!

Written by: Phil Monahan

It’s amazing that Ellen could even survive in this condition.
Photo via facebook

We’ve seen some pretty remarkable transformations in stray dogs over the years, but this one is right up there with the most astonishing. The story from the Trio Animal Foundation describes how they turned the matted monster above into the sweet pup below:

On July 13th, TAF went and picked up a clump of pungent urine soaked matted fur from an open access shelter… we couldn’t even figure out if the dog was a male or female. When we first saw this dog in it’s cage, we didn’t know which end was front or back. We had to get a treat to see which end lifted up to sniff.

You can read the entire story on the Trio Animal Foundation facebook page.

Ellen is available for adoption, for those who live in the Chicago area. Contact Trio Animal Foundation, if you’re interested.

Which do you think weighs more, the dog or the fur?
Photo via facebook

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