Photos: Pit Bull Puppy Comforts Patients At Colorado Veterinary Clinic

Dominic lies with a dog who has just come out of surgery
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Here’s a heartwarming story of a Pit Bull named Dominic who plays against type. Instead of living up to his breed’s stereotype, Dominic has been dubbed a “pro cuddler.” Still a puppy, at 18 months old, Dominic “works” at Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic, in Greeley, Coloroado, where he was brought after being rescued. According to Vet tech Stephany Haswell, who adopted him, Dominic is a natural caretaker:

“He lays down in his spot and waits for patients to come out of surgery. He likes to help getting them in their kennels and usually just waits in his bed right outside the surgery door. He knows when it’s time.”

While animals can be aggressive due to the pain of injuries or operations, cuddles from Dominic help keep them calm. Haswell says he pays special attention to the ones who cry and goes where he’s needed.

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Is that the face of a “vicious” dog, as many folks stereotype Pit Bulls?
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2 thoughts on “Photos: Pit Bull Puppy Comforts Patients At Colorado Veterinary Clinic”

  1. This isn’t surprising – Of the hundreds of dogs we’ve worked with, pitties are consistently the best cuddlers!

  2. What a wonderful story and what a wonderful dog! Thank you for sharing this. My lab just came out of surgery today, and although she is doing well, she would have loved having Dominic there beside her. This is just the sweetest story!

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