Photos and Story: Dog and Guinea Pig are Best Friends

Rex and Smores are inseparable.
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Rex the Boxer suffers from degenerative myelopathy, a spinal disease that leads to paralysis of a dog’s back legs. Last year, he was sitting in a kill shelter in Orange County, California, when he was rescued by Leo Puppy Mill Survivor. There, Rex became best friends with another dog, Tyson, who suffered from the same disease. When Tyson passed away, Rex was bereft. But then something magical happened:

“That same week Tyson passed, a gal I knew from a rescue reached out and asked if I would help out a guinea pig that was rescued from a bad situation. . . . The guinea pig was dropped off and immediately became attached to Rex, who craved companionship just as much as she did — the two have been inseparable since.

Click the link below to see many photos and videos that show just how attached these two are to each other. Rex even brings Smores along in his wheelchair when he goes for a walk.

Just more proof that all dogs really want is love.

Click here for the full story.

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