Photos: The Hardest-Working Dogs in the World

Lass of Slope Point, Heading Dog, 2014.
Photo by Andrew Fladeboe via

A stunning post on focuses on the brilliant dog images of American photographer Andrew Fladboe. He has traveled to parts of the world where dogs work alongside humans, and he has made the dogs themselves the heroes of his portraits:

“I think one of the reasons I decided to focus on animals is because I didn’t think anyone was portraying them the way I saw them,” he wrote, adding he admires the way photographers Daniel Naude, Peter Hujar, and Simen Johan as exceptions. “The animals in our works stand on their own as sentient beings. They occupy the print with an aura of dignity and command a level of respect from the viewer. They are not anthropomorphic photos of animals, but a celebration of what these animals are for what they are. It is art for animals sake, not animals for arts sake.”

It’s truly stunning stuff!

Click here for the full story and more photos.

Master of Kâgen, English Setter, 2013.
Photo by Andrew Fladeboe via

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