Photos: Wonderful Images of a Young Boy and His Rescue Dog

Zoey and Jasper’s friendship shines through in these beautiful photos.
Photo by Grace Chon via

Los Angeles-based photographer Grace Chon loves to take photos of her 10 month old son, Jasper, and the family’s beloved rescue dog, Zoey. Rescued from Taiwan, Zoey is Jasper’s best friend, although it didn’t seem that way at first:

“Zoey is very shy and it took her seven months to warm up to Jasper,” Chon told The Huffington Post. “We didn’t want to rush things and let her decide when the relationship could begin. One day she rolled over onto her belly and let Jasper pet her! And ever since then their relationship has continued to blossom. She’s the first to run to his room in the morning and lays by my feet when I’m feeding him.”

Chon created a Tumblr photo series of the pair that has become quite a sensation. And why wouldn’t it? They are both adorable, and together are spectacularly so.

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Photo by Grace Chon via

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