Pit Bull Wins “Top Volunteer” Award at Ohio School

Alex relaxes with her trainer, Chip Ingersoll, and volunteer Kim Gambish.
Photo via morningjournal.com

A beautiful Pit Bull named Alexandria is a certified therapy dog who works with special-needs students at Harris Elementary School, in Amherst, Ohio, which is just west of Cleveland:

“These students range from grades three to five and have various special-needs, such as learning disabilities, autism and social or emotional issues,” said Ingersoll. “They read to Alex, talk to her, share stories and tell her their problems,” he said. “Sometimes they just pet or play with her, using Alex as a form of sensory stimulation. They open up to her in a way that they often don’t with any of the school staff.”

She is so good at her job that Alex was nominated for—and won!—the Crystal Apple Award, for exceptional achievement. She is the first-ever non-human recipient of the award.

Click here for the full story and a short video.

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