Poll: Is “Dog Pulling” Cruel or a Legitimate Sport for Working Dogs?

I must admit that I had never heard of “dog pulling” until I stumbled on the trailer for a documentary called “Body Pound,” which examines the sport. (See below.) So I did a little research and pulled up the USA Today report above.

It seems that the arguments for and against are much the same as those used in the debate about mushing. Some folks claim that the dogs love the work, while others see it as cruel to force dogs to work so hard in often dangerous conditions. On a Pit Bull message board, one pro-pulling person wrote:

It’s not cruelty any more than agility or frisbee is cruelty, if those sports are done wrong (like jumping too high too soon), it results in injuries, but if done correctly, it’s a fun sport, just like any human sport. Dogs that participate in sports are healthier, just like with humans. (Also, a tired dog is a good dog!)

Watch the two videos here, and then take our poll below to let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Is “Dog Pulling” Cruel or a Legitimate Sport for Working Dogs?”

  1. What bunk.. weight pull is a GREAT activity for all dogs.. not just “pit bulls” At the last event I attended. the “pit bulls” were outpulled by several other breeds.. the winner was two year old Great Swiss Mountain dog.. a female by the way.. weight pull get kids involves.. in a my dog is better than your dog event that does NO harm.. I guess they would rather see the dogs and street kids fight their dogs.. and of course they would rather see the dog languish in the shelter instead of being out in public where hey someone n=might even want to TAKE THE DOG HOME Dog Forbid that should happen. if they do not get homes they are KILLED DUH what is wrong with these “do gooders”.. people who want a dog to be a plaything or an ornament..the shelter worker is totally 100% correct .. WHY?? why would you not want a dog to exercise.. and be seen doing something that is NOT HARMFUL to any man or beast.
    Keep bringing the dogs out.. some dogs love to run.. some to hunt.. some to pull dogs do much better when they are ACTIVE// want a quiet dog.. get a stuffed one
    By the way it is weight pulling./. not dog pulling..

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