Pop Star Ariana Grande Adopts a Shelter Dog Before a Big Concert in Tulsa

Pop star Ariana Grande (center) met eight dogs from the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa before her Wednesday night concert
Photo via newsok.com

My 10-year-old daughter loves pop singer Ariana Grande, so I’m subjected to her music in the car on occasion. But I’ll feel a little better about it after seeing this story about what a dog lover the singer is. A wiki page set up for Grande shows that she currently owns six pups (see them here), but it seems they’ve got another one joining the pack:

Before Ariana Grande’s concert at BOK Center Wednesday night, SMG Tulsa staff members surprised Grande at her meet-and-greet with eight dogs from ARF Tulsa, the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa. . . .

The dog lover that she is, it’s safe to say Grande loved the surprise.

“This is the most memorable thing a building has ever done for me,” said Grande.

To top off the special surprise, she immediately fell in love with a Yorkie named Strauss and adopted him on the spot, according to the release.

She didn’t stop there, though. Check out what she did for the the other seven dogs she met. . .

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