Pro Tips: How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Fall

Dogs like Sadie love the smlls and sights of autumn, but there are lurking dangers.
Photo by Natalee, Houston

A good article on offers some helpful tips on ways that you can ensure your dog’s safety as the seasons change. In summer, we’re worried about overheating, damaged paws, and poisonous plants. In fall, thoughts turn to different concerns, such as holiday decorations and foods:

People love decorating their homes for the major autumn holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Whether you deploy banners, garlands, delicately scented potpourri, or holiday-appropriate plants, they all provide cornucopia of temptations to dogs eager for new distractions. A casual sniff at any of these things can lead to chewing, and chewing to unintended ingestion. What’s to stop dogs from sampling your festive decor? Keep all potentially chewable decorations well out of the reach of dogs

So give this a read and pay attention to your dog’s behavior when you’re leaf-peeping or trick-or-treating.

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