Pro Tips: How to Prevent Frostbite in Dogs

Bear really loves the snow, but there are ways to ensure his safety in frigid weather.
Photo by Erin, Forked River

Winter has finally arrived here in Vermont, which means that it’s time to adjust our expectations for how long our dogs can be outside. I know that when the mercury rests at 0 degrees in the morning, Pedey, runs out to do his business and then wants back inside ASAP. But other dogs relish their time in the snow and are willing to stay out indefinitely. Frostbite in dogs is relatively rare, but the combination of sub-zero temperatures and wind can create problems.

An article on offers six ways that you can can keep your dog from getting frostbite, including

  • Help dogs who work or spend a lot of time outdoors maintain a good caloric intake to fuel their “furnaces.”
  • Keep dogs well hydrated, and check that their water source isn’t allowed to freeze.

Click here for the full list and story.

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