Profiles: The Service Dogs of the Invictus Games

Stanley goes above and beyond for Jesse Graham: He opens and closes doors and can even turn lights off and on.
Photo by Bill Frakes for ESPN

The Invictus Games–sort of like the Olympics for wounded warriors–have been held over the past week in Orlando, Florida, providing no end of inspirational stories of courage and determination. on, Thomas Neumann took a look at some of the service dogs who have helped their owners achieve at such a high athletic level:

Now [Anthony Rios] says that training Bugsy was one of the best decisions of his life. In addition to helping with difficulties caused by Rios’ leg injury, Bugsy soothes Rios when he’s stressed or angry. And Rios wants others to know about the benefits that service dogs can provide. Specifically, Rios points to the alarming suicide rate among veterans.

He focuses on four athletes and their service dogs, stories that are inspirational in themselves.

Click here for the full story.

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