Project Unconditional Photo #3: Shelby the Tempestuous Corgi

Written by: Jane Sobel Klonsky

Robert and the tempestuous Corgi, Shelby, enjoy a ride in Robert’s pickup.
Photo by Jane Sobel Klonsky

[Editor’s Note: Last month, we posted about Project Unconditional, by Vermont photographer Jane Sobel Klonsky. She has graciously offered to share more of her images with us.]

Shelby came into Robert and Debbie Gutbier’s lives like a tempest and took on the demeanor of a precocious kid, an ugly duckling you might say. When their beloved Tegan, shop dog and constant companion for 15 years, crossed over, Shelby started to fill her paw-prints bit by bit, emerging as a beautiful swan. Shelby is demanding, though, with food and rides in the truck being her top priorities. Always watching her human charges from a polite distance, Shelby gives love and affection as needed – always on her terms. Such is a Corgi.

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