What’s Your Dog’s Security Worth to You?

A little boy in search of his lost dog. It’s the stuff of which movies are made. A few summers ago, with the help of one of our personalized dog collars, Orvis was involved in such a drama when Buddy, a golden retriever tagging along to a family reunion far from home, wandered off and found himself in a dog pound.

By chance that day, Orvis customer Peggy Hinson stopped by the pound and took notice of Buddy. Driving home, she couldn’t get Buddy out of her mind, so she called back and asked if the dog had ID. She was told he had an embroidered dog collar with his name and phone number-but no area code. Hinson knew that Buddy’s collar was an Orvis collar. She tried the local area code to no avail then called Orvis. Soon, Customer Service found Buddy’s owners using the phone number from the unique dog collar. A thankful Buddy, and an even more thankful and happy 5-year old boy, were reunited. And just in case Buddy’s wandering days aren’t over, Orvis sent him a new personalized dog collar with his area code.

We want to make sure there are more happy endings to the stories of lost. Now through July 30, you can buy a personalized dog collar with your dog’s name and your telephone number stitched into the sturdy nylon, and get a rugged nylon leash in matching color, for just $29.  A very small price to pay to ensure your dog’s safe return, should it ever get separated from you and your family.


Orvis Personalized Dog Collars come in a wide array of colors

collar and lead

Now through July 30, you can get a Personlized Collar and a matching leash for just $29

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