Puppy Love: A Photo Essay of a Boy and His Puppy Napping

Photos of Theo the puppy snuggling with young Beau Shyba are taking the Internet by storm.
Photo by Jessica Shyba via nbcbayarea.com

As a cursory tour around the Internet will tell you, folks love to look at photos of puppies and cute children. And when you put those two together, you have a phenomenon.

Earlier this month, the Shyba family of Santa Cruz, California, adopted “Theo,” an adorable Boxer-Labrador-German-Shepherd mix, and mom Jessica started snapping pics of her three kids enjoying their new playmate. But one set of pictures has really captured the imagination of viewers everywhere: whenever the youngest child, Beau, lies down for his afternoon nap, Theo cuddles up next to him. These images of sleeping toddler and puppy capture a sense of innocence and devotion that will just melt your heart.

Watch the video below for more wonderful photos.

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