Report: Dogs-for-Drugs Trade Leads to Tragedy

Sugar’s long-time dog walker may have traded her for little more than a brief high.
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When the dog walker hired by Morgan Bogle and Scott MacDonough said she had lost their beloved Pit Bull, Sugar, in New York City, they began an all-out effort to find her. But as part of their investigation, they discovered that the person they hired to care for Sugar may have been using drugs. And even worse, he may have traded the dog for more drugs. But wait, there’s more: Bogle and MacDonough fear that the dog may have been traded to a fighting ring.

Bogle told me the dog walker has allegedly hired a lawyer and won’t give any information about where Sugar might be, while Bogle and MacDonough have hired a pet detective, created a campaign online, and hung fliers around the city. Bogle says the police aren’t assisting with the search, and that the dog walker was not arrested. She says they’re getting up to 100 tips every day, but none has been successful so far.

As of today, the NYPD ASPCA division is taking over Sugar’s case. Let’s hope that they can crack the case and find Sugar!

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