Repost: Otis the Skydiving Pug

On Friday, the Orvis Dog of the Day featured a man fishing with his dog hoping to inspire you to take your dog on your next outing.  The story below takes having adventures with your dog to a whole other level!

Meet Otis the Los Angeles California skydiving Pug, who loves to get airborne with his thrill-seeking owner Will DaSilva. The ten-year-old pooch is quite the veteran when it comes to jumping from planes.

The latest pictures see him posing, with ‘doggles’ and all, during his 64th tandem skydive. Strapped into his custom-made harness, Otis sits patiently on DaSilva’s lap as their plane climbs toward altitude. But once the jumping light goes on, Otis tucks in underneath and stretches his paws out like a bird.

According to DaSilva, Otis has been living the life at the Lodi Parachute Center in Los Angeles, California since he was a pup and has become part of the family as he lazes around the company’s hanger.

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