Repost: Top 5 Breeds That Used to be More Popular

Seamus looks incredulous that his breed’s popularity is waning.
Photo by Melanie, Meridian

Here’s a story from about dog breeds that seem to be suffering from declining popularity. It’s written by a veterinarian who says she simply doesn’t see many of these dogs in her office, and it hit home for me because the first two breeds listed represent the two dogs of my childhood. Hilda, a Scottish terrier was the first dog I remember, and she passed away when I was 9 years old. Next came Kelly, an Irish setter who possessed all the bad traits of the breed—hyperactivity combined with an astonishing intelligence deficit—but who was still very sweet and playful:

I used to see a lot of these bouncy red dogs in my practice. I know the rub is that they’re too energetic and not the brightest bulb on the light string, but the ones I used to know were great family dogs who loved to be around people and really wanted to please. I miss their smiling faces and the feathered tails that never stop wagging.

I have many fond memories of running through the woods of New Hampshire with Kelly streaking through the trees ahead of me, and we played countless games of ball in the yard. Truth be told, though, retrieving wasn’t one of his strong suits.

Click here for the full story and to see the whole top 5.

4 thoughts on “Repost: Top 5 Breeds That Used to be More Popular”

  1. I have an Irish Setter had them for years. It’s not the dog that dumb it’s the owners. These are so super intelligent just get bored if you just keep doing hings the same old way.
    Fantastic dogs. Glad they are not to popular other wise they would end up in shelters like the Pits and Staffys.

  2. I agree with Rosie! My Irish have obedience and rally titles — one has a Utility Dog title, and two have Companion Dog Excellent titles. There is no lack of intelligence in Irish Setters, just a lack of the owners training.

  3. Love all the Irish we’ve had and the one we have now. Riley still acts like a puppy and he’s almost 9! Amazing companion, totally loyal, and incredibly expressive, both in mannerism and sound.

  4. I have owned Irish Setters since the 70’s. I feel they are one of the smartest dogs on the planet! I would never own another breed.

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