Rescue Dog Returns the Favor, Saves Owner’s Life

Chloe’s quick action saved Chuck’s life
Photo by TribLive

Chuck Weintraub has dedicated his life to rescuing dogs, but he never imagined that one day these pups would rescue him. While home alone last Wednesday, Weintraub collapsed in heart failure. Sensing the imminent danger, Weintraub’s 1-year-old pup Chloe raced down the drive-way to alert the neighbors. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Mike Brock noticed the pup behaving strangely outside his fence.

Afraid Chloe would be hit by a car, Brock, his wife Michele, and daughters Melissa and Julianna, tried to calm the dog, which paced nervously.

“As I’d get to her, she’d take off,” Brock said. “But only a little ways, then she’d wait for me. In 15- to 20-foot increments, she was leading me to Chuck.”

With Chloe leading the way, Weintraub’s other two dogs joined the cause.

“They were moving away from me,” Brock said. “I’d say, ‘Hey, come back here,’ and they’d move a little farther up the hill. That’s when I saw the bottom of Chuck’s shoes.”

Chloe’s quick action almost surely saved Chuck’s life. But just months earlier the two’s fortunes were reversed. Chloe’s previous owner abandoned her in April, and she came to the Weintraubs timid and covered in parasitic mites. After nursing her back to health, Chuck recently placed the pup up for adoption, but considering recent events, the Weintraub’s say they might have to reconsider.

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