Rescue Dog Receives a New Prosthetic Paw. . .and Maybe a New Lease on Life

Evan shows off his new prosthetic mitt.
Photo by DCist

Thanks to an outpouring of support and donations, Evan, a four-month-old Border Collie mix, has been given the opportunity to get back on his feet—or paws. Evan was born and left abandoned without a front right paw, but a California branch of Lucky Animal Dog Rescue rescued him and has since raised over $1,200 for a new prosthesis.

While puppy-prostheses may not seem like an imperative matter to some, for a rescue dog like Evan, the operation could be life-saving. Over the past few months, all nine of Evan’s rescued brothers and sisters have been adopted, but not Evan. Although ambulatory by necessity, he developed painful pressure sores that inhibited his ability to run and play freely like other dogs. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue hopes that Evan’s new mobility and joyous outlook will help him find a forever home. SF Gate spoke with Mirah Horowitz, director of the rescue organization.

“We wanted to give Evan the best life possible, no matter what the cost,” Horowitz said. “His strength and determination are inspiring, and it’s amazing to see him thriving…I can’t wait to send Evan home with his new family. Evan didn’t let his disability slow him down – he met it head on and he has triumphed. I think we can all learn something from a puppy like Evan. I know I have.”

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Thanks to his new paw, Evan can run and play like any other dog.
Photo by SF Gate

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