Retired NJ Police Dog Given Touching Farewell

Mike Franks walks Judge into the veterinary clinic. The training “sleeve” is akin to a toy for the dog.
Photo by Jim Six, via

A retired police dog named Judge received a fitting send-off last Friday, after a life of service. From 2007 to 2013, Judge was an important member of the West Deptford (NJ) Police Department, working alongside Cpl. Michael Franks. After dental issues led to his retirement, Judge suffered a series of medical complications that resulted in Franks making the difficult decision to end the dog’s suffering:

“Judge and I had such overwhelming and positive support that day,” West Deptford Police Cpl. Michael Franks told ABC News today. “Though Judge was extremely lethargic and could barely walk the days before the ceremony, he was able to bite onto his favorite protective decoy arm sleeve used in training and carry it into the hospital.”

The photos accompanying the article show just how valued Judge was, and his funeral befitted such an accomplished public servant. RIP, Judge.

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