How Saving a Stray Dog Turned into a Lifelong Mission

Tania Capelluti in the spaying/neutering clinic.
Photo courtesy Tania Capelluti, via

Tania Capelluti moved to Costa Rica to open her own yoga studio, but soon after she arrived, she found a stray dog at the beach. She took the starving pup home, nursed her back to health, and named her Kuki. But Capelluti didn’t just acquire a new pet; the experience of rescuing Kuki changed her:

“I saw the development of her,” Cappelluti remembered. “She was a super shy, scared street dog who became such a loyal, loving incredible dog. And that gave me such joy in a spiritual way.”

Capelluti teamed up with two other women and started a rescue operation that has enjoyed some remarkable successes. . . .

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