Scared Shelter Dog Transforms into a Brave Rescue Dog

When he was first found, the dog was frightened and withdrawn all the time.
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Here’s a wonderful story from Japan, from an organization that wants more people to adopt shelter dogs. A nonprofit organization called Peace Winds Japan posted photos of Yumenosuke when he first arrived at a shelter as a stray and then of his training for rescue missions. Recently, the once scared and shy dog showed how far he’d come:

His new found confidence and skill sets were put to the test last month when he went on his first rescue mission in Hiroshima City. After the city was hit with a powerful rain storm, devastating landslides left many residents trapped in mud. Yumenosuke and his handler set off to find and rescue survivors, and the little dog proved he was ready to do the job he was trained for.

It’s a great story that proves the potential in shelter dogs.

Click here for the full story.

Here, Yumenosuke trains for important rescue missions.

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