Scientists Are Exploring Ways to Extend Dogs’ Lives

UW scientists Matt Kaeberlein, with his dog Dobby, and Dan Promislow, with his dog Frisbee,
hope to launch a study of an anti-aging drug in dogs.

One of the more difficult realities of dog ownership is the knowledge that your best friend won’t be around forever. According to a recent article in The Seattle Times, a team of scientists at the University of Washington hopes to explore ways to extend the time we have we our dogs:

Drawing on developments in the field of anti-aging science, they hope to find out whether a chemical that extends the life spans of yeast, fruit flies, worms and mice will do the same for dogs.

“We’re not talking about doubling the healthy life spans of pets,” said UW molecular biologist Matthew Kaeberlein. “But at a minimum I would predict that you would get a 10 to 15 percent increase in average life span, and I think bigger effects are possible.”

I know that I would gladly accept whatever extra time I could get.

It’s a fascinating article and well worth your time. You can also visit the research website, where you can learn more, donate, or sign up your dog for possible inclusion in the research.

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