Scientists Still Baffled by New Dog-Virus Outbreaks

Knowing the first signs of a potentially dangerous illness could be the key to proper treatment.
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This news report from Virginia (link below) is a bit alarmist, I would say, but it does contain information that dog owners should be aware of. In recent months, we have seen three cases in three different states of dogs becoming violently ill and even dying from mysterious causes. This reporter identifies the culprit in all three cases as circovirus, but the American Veterinary Medical Foundation says that circovirus has been ruled out as the cause of deaths in Ohio, at least. The verdict is still out on the Michigan cases.

But it’s clear that there are pathogens out there that can cause such outbreaks. There’s clearly little a dog owner can do, aside from keeping your pet away from other sick dogs, but here is the big takeaway from the AVMA FAQ on circovirus:

If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea, contact your veterinarian. Dogs with diarrhea and vomiting could have a range of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening unless diagnosed and treated early.

Speed of treatment can often be the key factor in a successful outcome.

Click here for the full story and a video report.

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  1. If I’m not sure if it’s serious, I take my dogs to my vet. I would much rather hear that I overreacted than hear the words, “If you had only brought her/him in sooner.”

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