Sent Out to Pee, A Dog Ends Up Saving a Life

John Paul Roccaforte poses with Marley, who is credited with saving a lost hiker.
Photo by John Paul Roccaforte via

Last month, Flagstaff, Arizona, was in the midst of an early morning snowstorm, when John Paul Roccaforte’s dogs required a bathroom break. Izzy and Marley ran outside to answer nature’s call, but Marley immediately sensed something amiss in the woods behind the house:

“He started running back and forth along the fence, barking. Marley is really sensitive to stuff, and I could tell he was really tuned into something,” Roccaforte told The Dodo. “I looked out but didn’t see anything in the darkness, so I started to head back inside. Then I heard a voice in the woods, faintly, off in the distance.”

A lost hiker, not prepared for the frigid weather, was clinging to life, unable to even walk. Thankfully, first-responders got to him on time. . .thanks to Marley. Even better, Marley is a rescue himself.

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