The Seresto® Dog Collar: How Does it Work?

By: Orvis Staff

If you spend much time outdoors and have a dog or two, perhaps you will agree that ticks are the bane of our existence. They are a constant, ubiquitous threat to our health and sense of well-being. And, to make things worse, their their numbers are on the increase according to scientists.

Unfortunately, there’s little we humans can do to prevent these dreaded ticks from making their way onto our bodies—we just have to constantly check for them upon returning from our outdoor adventures. And, we keep our fingers crossed we didn’t miss those microscopic nymphs that are all but invisible to the naked eye.

The good news is, the Seresto® collar is an effective tick repellent for dogs. This innovative technology not only eliminates ticks, it gets rid of fleas and flea eggs on dogs as well. Fleas on dogs have been a problem for as long as anyone can remember, particularly in warm climates, and there hasn’t been a truly effective flea repellent on the market until now.

Fellow dog owners rave about the Seresto collar, claiming it’s more effective than the other flea and tick preventative products they’ve used, especially since it’s practically foolproof. They explain that it’s convenient and not prone to ‘user error’ since it doesn’t involve any messy, monthly topical application they must remember. And, it can last many months before it needs replacing. Many veterinarians recommend it as well.

For more detailed information, following are some answers to common questions about the Seresto collar:

How Does Seresto Actually Work?

The Seresto collar comes in two sizes, to fit around your large or small dog’s neck, similar to an ordinary collar. It contains two active, odorless chemicals—imidacloprid (for fleas and their eggs) and flumethrin (for ticks)—which are released in low concentrations and distributed over the dog’s body on a sustained basis for up to eight months. These chemicals have been proven to kill fleas and ticks on contact within a matter of hours.

Does the Seresto Collar Still Work If My Dog Gets Wet?

The Seresto collar is water resistant, retaining its effectiveness even after your dog goes swimming, is bathed, or gets caught out in the rain. Repeated water exposure will shorten the effective life of the collar, depending how frequently it happens. Consult the manufacturer’s product information for details.

How Effective Is Seresto Compared to Other Flea and Tick Preventatives on the Market?

Unlike other flea and tick collars, Seresto is long lasting and continues to work even after it has gotten wet. And, it eliminates all fleas and ticks from the dog’s entire body, not just those near the collar. It is also different because it eliminates adult fleas as well as their larvae, interrupting the fleas’ life cycle. It works more quickly than competing products, reducing the chance of tick-borne disease transmission. Finally, because there’s no need to remember to reapply Seresto, it’s more reliable than topical solutions such as Frontline®.

Does the Seresto Collar Have Side Effects?

According to the manufacturer, Seresto has been tested extensively for safety. Reported side effects include allergic reaction, lethargy, localized skin irritation, and hair loss on the dog’s neck. We recommend consulting your veterinarian with any questions or concerns before using Seresto.

Seresto— Additional Notes and Features

The Seresto collar works only when your dog is wearing it. The collar is not effective against heartworm infection; your dog still requires an ongoing heartworm preventative, as prescribed by your veterinarian.

As a safety consideration, the collar is designed to break off if it gets caught on something while your dog is wearing it. And, it comes with reflectors you can attach to make your dog more visible at night. The Seresto collar is not meant to replace your dog’s regular collar with ID. Alternatively, you could also equip your dog with the personalized side-release collar to which the Seresto collar can be attached.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution when it comes to finding an effective flea and tick repellent for your dog, but Seresto is a proven deterrent. Its effectiveness relates in large part to its ingenious design which makes it especially easy to use. Now if only there were as reliable a way to keep ticks off of humans! Or, better yet, a way to keep ticks well away from all of us.

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