Seresto Flea and Tick Collar: Perfect for the Outdoorsy Dog

By: Orvis Staff

You relish getting outside with your dog, whether it’s to the back yard, a park, or wingshooting in the backcountry. But you don’t relish the thought of your dog carrying home fleas from the dog park or ticks from the underbrush. So how do you keep your two- and four-legged family members safe from fleas and ticks, and from the discomfort and diseases these critters transmit? Always talk to your veterinarian about the best preventative measures for your dog, but a Seresto flea and tick collar is one of the simplest, most effective choices. It’s an especially solid option for dogs who love the outdoors when combined with our Personalized Side-Release Collar with Flea & Tick Attachments. Here’s why:

The Best Flea and Tick Prevention is the One You Use

Using a Seresto flea and tick collar is as easy as putting on a collar on your dog. No need to learn new tricks—so you’ll never forget to protect your best friend. To put on a Seresto flea and tick Collar, you simply take it out of its bag just before use, discard the plastic tabs that hold it in place, and put the collar around your dog’s neck, inserting the end through the buckle and loops. Adjust until two fingers fit comfortably under the collar. The collar contains a mix of imidacloprid, which controls flea infestations, and flumethrin, which repels and kills ticks. The collar’s special polymer releases these active ingredients slowly over the course of eight months.

In comparison, topical flea and tick treatments (spot-on medications) are applied directly to your dog’s skin. They can be greasy and messy and, for full effectiveness, you must hold your dog so he doesn’t rub off the liquid before it is absorbed into his skin. Also, depending on the variety, topical treatments require applications every two weeks to a month. Oral medications are effective for killing fleas, but don’t stop ticks or protect against flea re-infestations. Seresto flea and tick collars work similarly to topical treatments, but they are effective for eight months when used according to the instructions, and they don’t involve a messy application process. When adventures with your dog include wingshooting or fly-fishing checklists, a long-lasting flea and tick collar combined with a dog collar gives you one less thing to fret about.

You Won’t Lose Precious Time Outside

Even if your dog is a homebody, he’s at risk of a flea infestation or tick bites. But if your best friend is a social butterfly at the dog park, or is by your side for long hikes in the woods, it’s a matter of time before fleas or ticks try to jump on board for a feast. Prevention is far and away preferable to treating a flea infestation, which can be messy and tiring. Beyond just the treatment by your veterinarian or at home, there’s a ton of vacuuming involved (house and car) to make sure errant fleas don’t re-infest your dog. As far as ticks go, dissuading them before they burrow is the only way to prevent the possible spread of serious tick-borne diseases, including Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. A simple Seresto collar that’s easy to apply is your furry friend’s best defense against fleas and ticks.

Your Adventurous Dog Needs ID

All dogs should wear identification with their person’s phone number and a rabies vaccination tag in case they slip out of the front door, dig under the backyard fence, or dash off upon returning from a walk. For most dogs, backup forms of identification are wise. But for your dog, who goes over the river and through the woods with you, backup contact information is a must. Beyond ID tags, you can microchip your dog and get him a personalized dog collar brightly embroidered with your cell phone number and your best friend’s name—all the better if it’s pulling double-duty with an attached Seresto flea and tick collar.

It’s a Great Looking Safeguard

Your dog is no doubt a handsome bloke and you are hesitant to interrupt his noble neckline with multiple collars. With a personalized collar specially outfitted to hold a Seresto flea and tick collar just where it needs to be, your dog will be protected from unwelcome stowaways while looking as majestic as ever.

Flea and Tick Season is Year-Round

You and your dog don’t let bad weather keep you pent up indoors. You’re out there together during summer’s heat, fall’s chill, and winter’s bite. Unfortunately, for most of the year, fleas and ticks are out there, too. Both parasites are far less active and numerous when it’s cold outside, but the stretches of time when you are unlikely to run into them are short and getting shorter as global temperatures warm. Extended freezes will kill off fleas, but many fleas find their way inside with pets during the cold, so your dog can still pick them up. Many tick species go dormant when the weather is freezing, but adult deer ticks are active year round. With just one change per year, a Seresto collar attached within your dog’s regular collar puts flea and tick prevention on autopilot.

Stays Effective After a Swim or Bath

Your dog likes to plunge into the thick of it, whether it’s the local watering hole or a mud puddle in the yard. This means he gets messy now and then. No worries—your dog can wear the Seresto flea and tick collar when he’s getting a bath or going for a swim. To maintain its effectiveness, however, shampoo him only once a month. For dogs who like to swim more than once a month, the effectiveness of the collar drops to five months for fleas and seven months for ticks.

In addition to the flea and tick collar, here are a few other simple precautions you can take to protect your dog during your jaunts outside:

  • Stay on the trail when hiking, being careful to keep your dog out of the underbrush.
  • Always check your dog for ticks before getting in your car or going inside your house after spending time outdoors. Learn how to safely remove a tick from your dog.
  • Keep wildlife to a minimum on your property. Deer, feral cats, raccoons, and other critters carry fleas and ticks. Put a fence around the perimeter if you’re able, and don’t keep your dog’s water and food bowls outside. If you like lavender, plant lots of it because deers are not a fan of the fragrant herb.

We know you’ll always set forth on adventures with your best friend. With a Seresto collar attached to a specialized personalized collar, you can rest assured all you’ll bring back is memories.

4 thoughts on “Seresto Flea and Tick Collar: Perfect for the Outdoorsy Dog”

  1. This is pure genius! We are ordering two! I hate the look of two collars and folks have reported that one dog will pull or chew the flea collar’s off (yikes!!- expensive). We are huge fans of Seresto collar (no live ticks all year) since one of our dogs sleeps in bed with us. THANKS, ORVIS Make some in fun patterns too! How about adapting for leather too!

  2. I loved the idea of the Orvis collar containing the Seresto collar, and ordered two personalized colllars for my two dogs. I’ve been very happy until this week when two of the black attachments on one of the dog’s Orvis collar broke. My dogs roughhouse and sometimes grab each other by the collar. I’ll either use twine or tape to keep the Seresto collar connected to the Orvis collar for now.

  3. I bought seresto about month ago . I used it last year worked great this year not so much pulling live ticks off and engored. Checked can to make sure real one . So hopefully the ticks aren’t building tolerance 05/30/2019

    1. Lisa make sure you got the Bayer sorestos and not the phony,half priced,serest with the patent sign of a circle and an r inside of it. Its made in a way that the circle looks like the word ends with an 0, if the maker is Manybel it is fake! Send it back. Hope this helps, I like a bargain ver much, thats how they hooked me, But I would gladly spend thewhole $50 for a product that really works! Read my previous posts for more info.

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