Seven Beagles are Rescued After Spending 4 Years in a Testing Lab

One of the rescued pups heads off with its new owner
Photo by Portland Press Herald

After spending the first four years of their lives in a pharmaceutical testing lab, seven beagles were given a second chance at puppyhood this week. Thanks to the Beagles Freedom Project, an organization that rescues and relocates beagles, the pups experienced their first sniff of fresh air and belly rubs on Monday.

There are currently 65,000 dogs in similar testing environments around the country. Of those, the majority are beagles. These pups are normally euthanized when they are no longer useful to the labs, but Beagles Freedom Project is trying to change that. The two-year-old organization has already saved and relocated 125 beagles and is working to increase awareness of the issue.

But for the seven beagles and their new families, Monday was a day of celebration. Adopter Gail Thomssen scooped up her new pup and cradled him in her arms. For the dogs, it was a day of firsts.

“They’re really craving that human touch and that love,” she said, her shirt coated with dog hair.

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Free! The pups enjoy the grass and fresh air.
Photo by Today

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