Shelter Dog Survives Euthanasia Attempt

Lazarus, who survived a euthanasia attempt and a car accident, sits by his new owner, Jane Holston.
Photo by Jay Reeves/AP via

Here’s an incredible story about a shelter dog slated for euthanasia. . .but he wouldn’t let go. The four-year-old dog had been brought into an Alabama shelter on August 19, and by September 10, no one had offered to adopt him. So a veterinarian making his rounds came to shelter and injected the dog with the cocktail of drugs meant to end his life. But something remarkable happened:

But when Snell arrived for work the next morning, she saw the dog standing in an outdoor pen linked to the interior kennel. The dog had walked out and helped himself to some water.

“He was back up and breathing and going right about business like it’s nothing,” said Ozark police Capt. Bobby Blankenship, who supervises the city shelter and is Cortney Blankenship’s father.

The dog was named Lazarus, for obvious reasons, and he’s now living with the Holston family, who provides him with a loving home. It seems that he knew it wasn’t his time. . .

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