Hero Shelter Volunteer Adopts Old Dog Scheduled for Euthanasia

Bill Baker, a volunteer at the Kenton County Animal Shelter in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, shares a moment with Marcie.
Photo by Lisa Binns/Shelter Dog Photography

Here’s a beautiful from Kentucky, where a terminally ill stray was brought into the Kenton County Animal Shelter at the end of January. The dog was in terrible shape, flea-bitten, blind, and suffering from cancer. But one of the shelter’s volunteers immediately took a shine to the dog, who was a prime candidate for euthanization:

“It was love at first sight,” Bill Baker of Lakeside Park, Kentucky, told ABC News. “In spite of all the adversity she has, she has a very sunny disposition. I think dogs can smile and she can smile. She can’t see…but when I say ‘Papa’s here, Marcie!’ she perks up and smiles and it just makes my day.”

Because of Baker, who has adopted Marcie, she will spend her last days in a loving forever home. . .which is perhaps something she never had. Baker is a true hero for giving her that chance.

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2 thoughts on “Hero Shelter Volunteer Adopts Old Dog Scheduled for Euthanasia”

  1. Feel the empathy for this wonderful man and “his dog” who has found a real home with him. Thanks for the uplifting journalism.

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