Shelter Worker Goes Above and Beyond to Comfort Dog

From the hundreds of stories that we have posted about animal shelters, we know that the vast majority of people who work at these facilities love dogs and want the best for them. But this video from the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire really drives the point home. Here’s the story behind the photo video:

On Friday, shelter manager Debra Cameron was about to pay a visit to Prissy’s kennel, to see how she was doing following surgery to be spayed, when she happened upon the sweetest scene. There, lying on the floor alongside the tired dog, was Cameron’s colleague Chrissy Ireland — comforting Prissy with the warmth of her company.

Bravo, Ms. Ireland, and we should all remember to thank shelter workers more often. Let’s hope Prissy finds a forever home soon.

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Shelter worker Chrissy Ireland helps console prissy after surgery.
Photo courtesy Conway Area Humane Society via

One thought on “Shelter Worker Goes Above and Beyond to Comfort Dog”

  1. Such a lovely scene. But, of course, if the dog was abused or abandoned, she needs a lot of support and attention. Turns out, it is especially big issue after the crisis:
    But for some pets, being alone is really stressful, in a similar way a child would suffer if parents abandon him. Comforting is important, also certain medication may help( clomipramine – ), even though mental state medication for pets is still somewhat unusual.

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