Slide Show: Woman’s Gift to Old and Ailing Dogs

Sher Polvinale gives comfort to canines in their twilight years.
Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post

The Washington Post website features a wonderful set of photos of Sher Polvinale and the many senior dogs that she cares for in her home:

Polvinale, a 68-year-old former librarian, and her husband, Joe, a business owner, opened their house as a sanctuary to senior and ailing dogs in 2005, attaining nonprofit status in 2006. Two years later, Joe died of lung cancer. They had always agreed that the limit of dogs at any one time should be 10. Without her husband, Polvinale let that figure double. The dogs have the run of the four-bedroom, three-story house, but all this is possible not because of the size of the house, but the size of her heart.

The photos are simply beautiful, and the article about Polvinale’s dedication to these dogs is moving.

Click here for the full story.

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