Slideshow: The Craziest Dog Grooming Ever

Look! It’s a poodleshark. I can’t really tell what’s going on with the head.
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Check out these. . .um. . .amazing? ridiculous? outrageous? examples of “extreme” dog grooming. Photographer Ren Netherland shot these images at grooming competitions in the U.S. What do you think: would you let someone do this to your beloved dog?

Click here for the full story and slideshow.

Click here for the full gallery on Ren Netherland’s website.

5 thoughts on “Slideshow: The Craziest Dog Grooming Ever”

  1. Do not like this at all. Dyes are so caustic and smell awful – imagine how it would smell to a sensitive canine nose (no mention is made if these dye products used are safe – I really hope so) and the “Tiger/elephant” looks like his ears were cropped to look rounded. Grrr… Cut on your own ears first, leave the poor pooch have his natural ears.

  2. The ears on the tiger are completely made of hair, the dogs actual ears are the tigers cheeks. Its all about illusion. Do some research before you freak out. This is a form of competition, pet owners typically do not pay for this because it would cost several hundred dollars. The dyes are pet safe

  3. It’s cute I admit but isn’t it dangerous for the dogs to have dye? Why do we need to do this?

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