Once Slated for “Extermination,” a Sochi Dog Finds a Home in Virginia

Romana Williams sits at home with her dog, Sochi on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 in Chesapeake.
Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun | The Virginian-Pilot

A fascinating story in The Virginian-Pilot tells the story of Sochi, a dog who was in danger of being killed before last year’s Winter Olympics who has made it all the way to Chesapeake, Virginia, where she has found a forever home with the Williams family:

Once in America, Williams made sure her new 60-pound fur kid, fittingly renamed Sochi, got a drink of water before the trip back to Chesapeake. On the way home, they pulled into an Arby’s, where they discovered her discriminating palate.

“She ate the roast beef, but she spat out the bread,” Williams said with a laugh. “She’s a picky eater.”

And, while English isn’t her first language, Sochi quickly mastered the word “treat.” She also discovered the couch and doesn’t mind playing with a tennis ball in the backyard.

“She’s coming out of her shell,” Williams said. “She likes walks now. Before, she was scared. She didn’t know what it was.”

What a lucky dog. . .and a lucky family.

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Even dogs need passports for this kind of travel.
Photo by Rich-Joseph Facun | The Virginian-Pilot

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