Soldier Reunited with Dog Missing for 18 Months

Brandon Patterson was serving in Iraq when he learned that his beloved dog, Alfaba, had run away, escaping through a hole in a fence. When he returned Stateside, he looked everywhere, and he couldn’t bring himself to give up and get another dog.

The reason he couldn’t find her, he now knows, was that she was being kept in the house of an animal hoarder. But when Cobb County Animal Control Rescued her, they didn’t know whom she belonged to. The dog had a microchip, but it didn’t provide complete information, and Alfaba was all set to go to a new home in Montana.

Lucky for both Patterson and Alfaba, a volunteer with Society of Humane Friends of Georgia and American Fox Terrier Rescue, Erika Dillingham was persistent, and she made contact with Patterson before the adoption went through. It’s a heartwarming story that features the heroic efforts of a dog rescuer, who made a dog owner’s dream come true.

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