Some British Vets Call for Ban on “Unhealthy” Breeds

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Are some dogs simply unhealthy because of how their breed was developed? According to a recent poll among delegates at a Royal Veterinary College conference, one-fifth believe that certain breeds should be banned because they suffer from chronic health problems:

Although no breeds were specifically named in the survey, the problems have been particularly associated with many popular breeds, among them the pug, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, boxer, bulldog, Boston terrier and Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

A further third of the vets polled said that such a ban should be introduced unless significant health improvements were seen in the animals over the next ten years. Others said they should be bred with other breeds, to reduce the health problems.

This issue has surfaced on and off in Britain since the 2008 airing of a documentary called “Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” which you can watch in full below. (Warning: It’s 52 minutes long and hard to watch in parts.) At the very beginning of the documentary, one expert clearly states, “The vast majority of dog breeds—and dogs in those breeds—are healthy, healthy dogs.”

What do you think?

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