Spanish Nurse Who Survived Ebola Slams Government for “Executing” Her Dog

Teresa Romero Ramos, a nursing assistant in Madrid who was the first person infected
with Ebola outside of West Africa, with her dog Excalibur.
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Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse who contracted ebola while treating a patient, has been released from the hospital, which is great news. She has been extremely thankful for the excellent care she received during her illness, but in her post-release statement, she expressed anger at the decision to kill her dog, Excalibur, out of an abundance of caution:

Teresa Romero slammed Spanish officials for killing her beloved dog, saying the mixed breed named Excalibur was unnecessarily “executed…” Her husband, Javier Limon, read Romero’s remarks about Excalibur as she listened at his side, saying his wife was too emotional to talk about the dog that was like the childless couple’s own child.

The couple is considering suing the government for its treatment of Excalibur.

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  1. Soy una amante de los animales por lo que me intereso en todo lo concerniente a estos y muy especialmente de los perros. Me interesa recibir sus notificaciones a traves de mi correo electronico. GRACIAS ! EXITO !

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