Story and Photos: Copa Returns to Montana . . . Again

Written by: Simon Perkins

Editor’s note: In the fall of 2020, Orvis President Simon Perkins recognized that his beloved companion, Copa, was coming to the end of her days as a hunting dog. He wanted to give her a chance to return to the Montana prairies of her youth one last time, to run through the grasslands in search of sharp-tailed grouse, and the result was the beautiful film above. It was a moving tribute to an important family member and hunting partner, as she rode off into the sunset. But Copa had other plans, as Simon explains in this remarkable photo essay, written as a series of texts as it happened . . . .

A year later, Copa made it clear she still wants some playing time, at 15 years old. Well, that means only one thing: Pack up the van and get in a quick trip to Montana. We leave tonight!
Making good time in the van, as Copa curls up in the back.
A pit stop with my brother, Charley, includes Copa’s daughter, Maeby, on the left and her granddaughter, Phia, in Charley’s arms. My lab, Cece, is along for the journey, as well.
Van life is communal, and sometimes you gotta make exceptions for the old girl.
All the dogs somehow knew as soon as we crossed into Montana. We arrived at 7 a.m. and quickly transitioned from road-trip mode to hunting mode. Copa had a huge smile the whole time.
Getting the van oriented for a couple days of hunting. The dogs knew exactly where they were and were shaking because they were so excited to get after it.
Photo by Andrew Pierce


These three videos were the first day of hunting.
Copa looked like she had gotten several years younger overnight. She went Benjamin Button on us as soon as she got out into the Montana prairie.
Copa’s nostrils were full of scent. Several moments like this where she was sure she had birds, but it was just old scent. Her optimism was youthful and energizing. 
Videos by Charley Perkins. 
We hunted all day. Her stamina was impressive, and she did great, although the old girl desperately wanted a point that was just hard to come by. 
Photo by Charley Perkins
In Montana, it is all about covering a lot of ground to find wild birds. We felt it in our legs, and I could not imagine being a dog that was 105 in dog years.
Video by Charley Perkins
The van was taken over by dogs the whole time. We were lucky enough to be along for the ride. In total, we had five dogs whose average age was 10.4 years. An old crew, but full of youthful energy and loving the chance to hunt a few days in Montana.
Photo by Andrew Pierce
Getting one last hunt in with Copa before sundown. Tomorrow is the last day before we come home. So special spending this time with her.
So on the last afternoon of the last day, we got 15-year-old Copa one final romp in the Montana grasses looking for birds. She hadn’t had a point yet, but I was amazed, in awe, and so happy for the energy and happiness she had shown running the grasslands for the last three days. It was going to be a successful and emotional trip no matter what, but what the hell: let’s go for one more walk before hitting the road for Vermont. 
In one of the final patches of hawthorn, she wandered in and stopped suddenly on point. I got around as quickly and safely as I could to try to give myself an opportunity if a bird got up and tried to sneak out the other end. I got my one shot at the bird and luckily did her proud. She had a huge smile on her face. 
Her smile lasted all the way back to the van. . .
. . . and stayed on her face as she lapped up water . . .
. . . and remained as she slept, from the time we ended that final hunt all the way back to Vermont. 
We got back to the van, sat there and took it all in. It was the perfect end. We took one last breath of Montana air, the dogs fell asleep happy, and we headed for Vermont.
In the end, we drove straight through the night–34 hours each way–in order to hunt for 3½ days. As I said in last year’s film, dogs will make you do crazy things.

Simon Perkins is the president of Orvis and a member of the third generation of family ownership.

12 thoughts on “Story and Photos: Copa Returns to Montana . . . Again”

  1. This is wonderful and so heart warming. What a glorious time you all had, dogs included. They are all beauties but Copa is truly stunning. Her sweet face holds so much emotion knowing how dogs are and what they do. I am so very happy she got to get out there another time after last year. You are a very lucky man, but I am sure you know this. Thank you for sharing with us all. Makes me miss my sweet Buddy a little bit more today than usual. Wonderful pictures and such a great story!!

  2. What an awesome story!! This definitely tugs at your heart strings as we all have very fond memories of our fur babies. They are like your children. Good stuff Simon!!!!

  3. To Simon Perkins—
    We are long-term residents of Manchester and often bring our Golden Retriever, Chauncey, into Orvis for walks around the lakes and fields, new doggie gifts, and especially for brightening everyone in the store. Like you, she’s been a part of our family since a puppy of 8 week. She’s now 11 and we see her slowing down and I want to give her as much time in her older years to enjoy hunting and exploring with us. And, thus, your video of COPA really hit home with us—what a terrific story of your love for your dog and desire to give her happiness as life becomes less easy. Thank you for telling this beautiful story and I hope COPA gets a lot more enjoyment as she has in the past. She looks healthy.
    The bonds between man and dog have been a big part of my life and stories I have told in my novels RESCUE and PROMISED HEART, and soon a new novel to be released this spring. I would love to send you copies of them, as I know you would identify with the incredible bond between a man and his dog. I can certainly leave them at the Orvis Store with your name or send them by mail if you wish.
    God bless you and COPA–may she live a much longer and healthy life.

    Christopher C. Dant

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  5. Love this story and love sweet COPA… she seems like she is living a wonderful, happy life… and I hope you have several more happy years with your beautiful girl!

  6. What a beautiful relationship! That’s all I can get out, since I’m sobbing so much I can barely see my phone screen.

  7. What a beautiful heartwarming story of the human & animal bond. These will be memories you always cherish and never forget. All animals are gifts from God but dogs, well the mold was broke the day dogs were created. Im wishing you and Copa more fun times and memories. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  8. Simon, I was so touched by your film Copa unlike any other dog it left me with a tear in my eye. It was a heartfelt story of love and companionship between a dog and her owner and how important that relationship means to you. It left a lasting impression with me. I must have watched it over 20 times. I am thrilled you and Copa had one more hunt together in the place she knows and love. I hope this note finds both of you in good health and spirit and the fall of 2022 will bring you and Copa one more amazing adventure in the prairies of Montana.

  9. Such a beautiful story. And Copa’s smile made me smile through my tears. What precious bonds we have with our dogs.

  10. Thank you so much, Simon, for this lovely story and video of Copa’s last field adventure in Montana! It is the first day of Spring, 2022, and this was a gift of the day! My companion is an almost-15-yr.-old English Setter named Leia—she has been my devoted mainstay for all these years, and my life line during these difficult Covid years—each day with her now is a miracle . It has given me great joy to see that Copa has been your mainstay and miracle, as well! We have been so blessed!

  11. Dogs are just rare and completely innocent. I’ve raised 5 dogs + one from a rescue. That dog has more issues than any dog I have ever raised. She tried to bite this man, then almost everyone started with the usual”take her back'” she’ll get you in trouble”and I said, NO.I am going to teach and love this dog becuz I know how badly humans**k dogs up. It’s not her fault, some horrible man, somewhere in her life treated her badly. So I did! I love her so much and taught her to love the men in my life, and once again, she became innocent and pure. Love your dog with everything you, and the returns go on forevermore.

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