Story: How One Dog Bed Turned into Seven

One dog in the UK started with a single bed, and is now in the lap of luxury wherever he goes.
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In 2014, I had the chance to meet an extremely clever dog, who managed to retrieved a pheasant that other dogs could not find. Christmas was less than two weeks away, and knowing the dog slept on a thin and somewhat dirty blanket, I purchased him an Orvis dog bed from Stockbridge store as a Christmas gift.

Early in December 2105, I again met up with my friend and his dog at the same event. I inquired from the dog as to whether he was enjoying his bed, whereupon his owner said the beds were costing him a small fortune. I rejected this and reminded him that I had given the bed to the dog as a gift for his long distance retrieve and that there had been no cost.

The owner then told me of events since. My bed was kept in his Range Rover, and the dog had become reluctant to leave it. For a while, they had transferred the bed between the car and the house, but eventually he went to our Chichester store and bought a second bed to save doing the switch. Soon after, his wife bought a third bed, which she kept for the dog’s use in her car.

At times, the dog is parked out to my friend’s son who lives at Farnham. He bought the dog a fourth bed for his Range Rover and later a fifth which stays in his house.

In the summer, the dog’s owner goes overseas for a lengthy holiday and lodges the dog with his Keeper, who had felt the dog was unhappy sleeping on the floor in the back of his rather dirty Land Rover, so bought him a sixth bed for his vehicle and later a seventh for use on the stone floor in his kennels.

This has become one very spoiled dog with an Orvis bed wherever he goes—seven in total—all because of one very memorable retrieve.

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