Story: Our Rescue Dog Was the Addition to My Family I Never Knew We Needed

Bodhi the dog didn’t win her mom over immediately, but little Mia was smitten.
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Author Stephanie Land has published a beautiful essay on the Huffington Post about the process of getting a companion dog for her daughter, Mia, who had “attachment and trust issues.” Land isn’t so sure about the rescue dog they end up with, but then something clicks:

Then you and the kids sat in the grass. This dog that’d been shaking from fear rolled on her back, right in between you three, and let out a huge sigh. She went from uncontrollable fear to pure relaxation in minutes. She looked up, ever so lovingly, at your older daughter, and you saw they matched. Maybe they saw the loneliness in each other.

It’s a wonderful read, and well worth your time.

Click here for the full story.

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