After a Spending Her First Year as a Stray, “Girlie the Power Plant Dog” Has a New Home

Girlie spent the first year of her life living at Exelon power plant in Dallas, Texas.
Photo by Dogster

After spending the past year living as a stray at a Texas power plant, a dog named Girlie has finally found a forever home. A beautiful, one-year-old mixed breed, she spent the first 12 months of her life scavenging around an Exelon facility in Dallas. That’s where Kara Corn, a plant employee, spotted Girlie, and she quickly developed a fondness for the obstreperous and affection-starved dog.

While Kara was able to look after Girlie during the day, she lacked the accommodations to adopt Girlie herself. With un-neutered males in the area and Girlie quickly maturing, Kara began frantically searching for an available home. She even created a “Girlie The Power Plant Dog” Facebook page to help spread the word.

The most recent posts on the Facebook page are full of intrigue, as Girlie had to first be trapped before she could be adopted. Plus, there are lots of photos and videos of her life as a stray.

Kara’s hard work paid off as Girlie has just recently been adopted into a loving family. Thank you Kara!

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Thanks to Kara’s hard work, Girlie has found a loving new home.
Photo by Dogster

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