Logan’s Favorite Place

As relative newcomers to Vermont, there were certain things my wife and I needed to do in order to assimilate us to the Green Mountain State. One of the very first things we did upon moving here was purchase an “official state vehicle” – a Subaru wagon. The next thing we did was adopt a dog to put in the car: a yellow Labrador mix named Logan.

He fit perfectly and soon found that the cargo area of the car was, outside of his bed in the house, his favorite place to be. In the beginning, this wasn’t a problem. All we needed to do was head in the general direction of the car, and he’d sprint past us, head towards the car, and then jump up and down until I opened the hatch, at which point he’d leap right in. Logan became so enamored with the car however, that, upon reaching our destination, he refused to get out.

At first this presented a problem mainly due to the fact that dragging a 70-lb. dog from the cargo area isn’t easy. Logan had perfected the art of “making himself heavy” by curling up into a ball and positioning himself against the backside of the rear seats. Pulling him out with a leash proved effective, however it bordered on the inhumane. Dog treats worked of course, but I soon tired of all the crumbs in my pockets. It was easier to simply leave him in the car with the rear hatch open. I must admit it was an ideal doghouse: up off the ground, dry, well ventilated, and it offered a commanding view of the immediate surroundings. This situation proved so effective that whenever we were outside in the driveway and we needed to corral him, we’d simply open up the hatch, and he’d jump right in. This was an ideal solution especially during the times there were other cars coming up or leaving the driveway. It kept him safely out of the way.

The only remaining problem was when we needed to go somewhere without him. But I think I’ve come up with a solution. I’ve been scouring the internet classifieds for a used car—for my dog. I know this sounds strange, but here’s the idea: I’ll buy a wrecked Subaru, chop it into two pieces, set the rear half up in my yard, and presto: instant doghouse. I’ve already got a few solid leads, and one guy’s even offered to chop the car up for free! Who knows? I may just be onto the next big trend in doghouses. Then again, I may be forced to live in it myself. Either way, it should make for an interesting summer.

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