Video: Dog Rescued—Treading Water and Terrified—in the Middle of Tampa Bay

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Here’s a remarkable story of a beautiful dog who was found treading water far offshore in Tampa Bay. The fishermen who found “Baby”—as the name of her collar reads—say that just her snout was visible above the surface, which means that she was probably minutes away from drowning:

The fishermen pulled into the St. Petersburg’s Demen’s Landing Thursday morning, where Anthony Basile was paying his dock fee.

“I put towels on her. Warm towels on her, put the heat on in the boat. She shook for ten hours straight,” Basile said. “When we first found her, I didn’t think she was going to live.”

Basile estimates the little dog had been in the water for six to eight hours. She was cold and terrified, and needed help.

Although there is a phone number on the collar and Baby is microchipped, the numbers have been disconnected. The search is on for her owners, and until then Baby has been taken in by Basile, who gets emotional when talking about her plight.

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